Are you insecure about how your rear portion of your body looks?

Do you wish you had a bigger booty but just don’t have the time to put in at the gym?

Do you put time in the gym and are not getting the results that you want?

We are able to assist you to get that luscious and lifted booty that you’ve always wanted but couldn’t achieve and we can do it WITHOUT SURGERY or INJECTIONS!


  • We use a multiple technologies to sculpt, shape, and reduce fat to the areas surrounding the butt to give it that “pop”.
  • We apply Radio Frequency (RF) to the area to tighten the skin and produce collagen to smooth out the dimpling and give you a sexy firm look.
  • We finally use our famous Emsculpt Device to literally build muscle in the area that is scientifically able to plumb and enlarge your derriere

You will feel so confident and satisfied with your new Booty