Work Out Less, Look Better NOW!

Dreaming of that IDEAL BODY but not enough time to get it?

Getting Married and Need to Fit in that Dress or Tux? 

We offer wedding package specials and it can be extended to your entire wedding party….get ready in as little as 2 weeks!

Are you ready for your Beach Vacation?

Want to trim down and lose those unsightly parts

Military Service Personnel need to trim down for taping?

We Honor our Servicemen and women with a 10% discount, also teachers, social workers, and more!

Do you want to ACCELERATE that FAT LOSS from Months into Days?

Whatever your reason is

We are here to HELP get you RESULTS!

3d Imaging

Styku 3d Body Scanning

We perform a 3D body scan in seconds where we extract measurements, shape, body composition, fat mass, bone mass, lean mass, and much more.  This help us see the AMAZING progress you make while you are in a treatment program.

radio frequency facial treatment toning anti aging wrinkle removal
Non Surgical Face Lift and Resurfacing

Using Multiple Advanced Technologies to

Non Surgically Produce the Same if Not Better Results such as :

  • New Collagen & Fibroblast Production
  • Refreshed / Renewed Skin
  • Wrinkle / Fine Line Plumping
  • Smooth and Rich Skin
  • Discoloration / Melasma Removal
  • Acne Scarring Removal
  • and Much More!





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Do you ever have these feelings?
  • I wish I had the time to work out more and to get the body I WANT
  • I am tired of spending all that time and money on diet programs, pills, and trainers with NO LASTING RESULTS
  • My grandma’s saddlebags stop me from wearing that cute dress or fitting into those sexy pair of jeans
  • I don’t have time to spend hours a week at the gym
  • I love my kids but hate what they did to my body
  • My metabolism slowed down and I just can’t shed the weight like I used to
  • I look and the mirror and I only see “THOSE” spots
  • I lose self confidence when I think about my body
  • My clothes just don’t feel comfortable any more
  • I am unsure if I will ever find my life partner because of how I feel about my body
  • I am less willing to put myself out there for that promotion or to go on the date
We empathize and have the solutions so you DON'T have to feel this way ANYMORE!