For clients that will be coming in for treatments we want you to know that we have updated our safety protocols as follows:

  • Each treatment room has been equipped with an ULTRA HEPA 0.003 MICRON FILTER that can filter the Covid-19 particles from the air.
  • As we do normally we completely sanitize and disinfect the room prior to every client with approved EPA registered disinfectants.  We have extended the turnover time between clients to accommodate the extra time needed.
  • All of our treatments are 1 on 1 and we will continue this as it is the safest way to limit exposure.
  • We removed all materials such as towels / blankets that can not be easily sanitized and replaced them with disposal materials.
  • We have new protocols for all patients such as removal of shoes prior to entering treatment rooms to limit outside contaminants.

Note from the Owners:

“We want all of our clients to know that we are doing everything to ensure your safety in these troubling times.  We ask you to take care of yourselves and PLEASE if you exhibit symptoms or have been exposed to anyone with symptoms to stay home as we value your health above all else.  We want to be able to help clients achieve the results and always looking for ways to do so in the SAFEST most EFFECTIVE ways.  We appreciate you and wish you well”