Abdomen, Torso, Love Handles, Hips, Waist and More...

Are you annoyed that your belly pudge just doesn’t go away no matter how much diet and exercise you do?

Does your tummy just poke out of all those dresses & clothing making you feel like you have to wear Spanx or Sweat Pants just to feel okay?

How would you feel if you had FIRM and Toned  stomach that you don’t have to “Suck In” to keep.  What if you did NOT have to work out or diet as much and get these results?  What if you could get these results in a few days instead of months WITHOUT surgery?

love handles

Are you tired of working out and having that Spare Tire or Love Handles just not go away?  Don’t you hate how they distort your silhouette ESPECIALLY when you are wearing a nice pair of jeans or slacks?

Military clients, do you ever fail taping because your love handles prevent you from fitting in your uniform to spec?

Our AMAZING ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES employs the latest and greatest methods for REDUCING & REMOVING fat from the abdomen area in LESS TIME & EFFORT then working out or dieting!

We create a custom treatment plan utilizing multiple technologies to TARGET & ATTACK THE FAT getting you RESULTS NOW instead of months from now or never at all!